Welcome to the AAUP-KSU news web page. Here you will find links to articles of general interest to both the Tenure Track and Full-Time Non-Tenure Track units.


Covid-19 Communications and Information

FAQ Concerning Short Term Use of Distance Education Technology When Teaching In-Person Classes

Side Letter Concerning the First-Time Offerings of Traditional, Face-to-Face Courses in a Remote Format

Joint Statement Planning for Spring 2022

COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement for AAUP Faculty 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine AAUP Faculty Compliance


Ohio Legislation Issues

Call to Action (HB 322 & HB 327) communication 8-12-2021

Call to Action (HB 322 & HB 327) communication 9-20-2021


Know Your Rights! Flyers

Selection of Department Chairs / School Directors

Intellectual Property Rights

Faculty Governance and Your Faculty Advisory Body

The Right to Confer with AAUP-KSU about Filing a Grievance  (TT version, FTNTT version)

Regional Campuses Summer Teaching Guide 2022

Faculty Handbooks

Overload And Banked Workload

Faculty Workload  (TT version, FTNTT version)

Revisions To Academic Unit And Regional Campus Handbooks

What to look for in your paycheck 2021

Weingarten Rights 2022

Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion Reviews 2022

Merit Awards 2021


Other News Items

TT Merit Award Guidelines and Timeline Spring 2022

AAUP-KSU Supports Akron U Faculty!

Jennifer Larson's Statement on Academic Freedom